Rob Seward’s Four Letter Words takes a unique approach to displaying text, using elegantly animated miniature fluorescent tubes –

The piece displays an algorithmically generated word sequence, derived from a word association database developed by the University of South Florida between 1976 and 1998. The algorithms take into account word meaning, rhyme, letter sequencing, and association.
While the piece was conceived with idea of displaying algorithmically generated lists, it was designed with flexibility and expandability in mind. The individual units can be connected ad-infinitum, and are theoretically capable of displaying any length of text. While Four Letter Words deals with a specific range of content, the technology can be easily expanded for future textual experiments.

Read more on the device’s development over at the project’s blog. [via SparkFun]

  • Simon

    Makes me think of the font the Predator uses.

    • Collin Cunningham

      ha – good point! just needs to be in red

  • Dustyn

    Looks great Rob. Happy to see you’re continuing this line of work.