Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show: Episode 01, Drawdio – outstanding!

Super Awesome Sylvia builds the Drawdio by Jay Silver from the kit by Adafruit! This doesn’t include a complete tutorial on bulding the kit, as Ladyada has done such a good tutorial [here]…

Drawdio kit, available in the MakerShed.

  • migpics

    This is really awesome. It’s neat to see the positive impact Make is having on kids and I’m not sure who shot this, I assume a parent, but that means that Make is also encouraging interaction of parents with kids! She’s not stuck in front of a TV or playing with her PS!
    Rock On!

  • John Park

    Ditto all that, migpics. Sylvia rocks, and her parents are awesome too!

  • Collin Cunningham

    I am digging this SO MUCH! The intro theme alone had me transfixed – and LOLing at the laptop hammering =)

    Great charismatic host, hand/pointer, info/experiments, and the outtakes @ the end were perfect. Totally looking forward to episode #2 !

  • charliex

    loved the hand pointer.

    I’d like to see her do a co host with Collin.