Lion Art

Cat Art

These are drawings by Hong Kong based graphic artist, Paul Lung – drawn with a 0.5 mm technical pencil. More here and here

  • japroach

    “As he often admits people do not believe him and he has to make videos of his work to prove that these art works are not photographs”

    Has anyone found one of the videos?

  • Mjoed id=618&type=0&wid=1071&artist=592&ed=

    seems to be stolen and not drawn.

  • John

    Spanish photographer Alexander von Reiswitz

  • volkemon

    OK… maybe he uses the pencil to press down on the shutter releae button?

    AWESOME if they are real, but John seems to have a good example to show they are not.

  • FlatTop seems to have gotten Lung’s and von Reiswitz’s work mixed up, as did Make. The lion above is von Reiswitz, the cats are Lung. All of Lung’s drawings are signed and you can see the signatures on the Deviant Art pics.
    Phillip, you may want to remove the link to and replace the lion with something else.

  • John

    Yep, FlatTop nailed down the problem. Here’s an article about the cat drawing from the Sun.

    You can see how the mix-up would have occurred. Mr. Lung really is a genius.

  • Jeff Kaiser


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