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hackerspace build off Hackerspace build off at theTransistor

Live in or near Provo, UT, and want to test your project skills in an online competition? TheTransistor hackerspace is competing in a hackerspace build-off, and is looking for a few good makers to help with an upcoming mystery project. The competition is open to the public:

Full details have not been release yet; but this will be open to the
public (as long as you fill out the release form). Here are the
details so far:

  • 5 Hackerspaces will compete in a professionally recorded web-only event.
  • theTransistor has already been selected as one of these groups.
  • The build-off should start the first week of August, the exact dates are still unknown.
  • The build-off will last 2-3 Weeks.
  • Participants won’t be required to be there every day.
  • The build-off will revolve around a task that will be announced on day 1 to all participants.
  • Each space will be given a budget to complete the task.
  • As far as I know there are no prizes / etc for ‘winning’. This will be more about learning and doing.
  • Participants will not be required to be a member of the hackerspace or pay any entry fees to help.
  • Participants appearing on camera will need to sign a basic agreement with the producing company. ( Very basic: you aren’t allowed to talk about the results / etc. until after it ‘airs’, they aren’t responsibly if you blow up / melt / etc.)
  • You DON’T need any special skills as I understand it; this should be about the community. Anyone who would like to can participate.

If this interests you please stop by this weekend (2010.07.31, 6:00pm)
for more details and to sign up. This will be a great opportunity to
get together and help with a project.

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