Sick of being harassed just for trying to extend the functionality of your graphing calculator? Matt from Antipasto Hardware has the solution with his 100% Open Source HW/SW R-Based Graphing Calculator. Based around the Beagleboard embedded Linux hardware, it can run the sophisticated R programming language. Looks great! Of course, the hardware costs a bit more than the proprietary calculators. Anyone want to port this to Android?

  • http://david.rysdam.org/blog/

    I thought the idea was to use open-source hardware? Android is not open hardwarely and only partly open softwarely.


    I think this project is awesome and is almost exactly what I’ve been thinking about. (Although I was going to be a cheapskate and use a Nanonote.) Also, I wonder if sage might be better than R.

    • Matt Mets

      Thats a fair point. I guess I’ll stick to running it in a chrooted Ubuntu environment on top of the Linux kernel on my phone, then!

  • rmadams

    How about adding a symbolic algebra package, too? Open source Maxmia is a place to start: http://maxima.sourceforge.net/


    • Matt Mets

      Yes yes yes this would be great!

  • Sarah Hill

    Very intuitive! How do these compare to the graphing calculators like the TI-83? I just ordered one from Cole Parmer.