No wonder engineering is so popular! This from an RCA ad from the 50’s. [via Modern Mechanix]

  • tgmake

    Yup, wish it were that way in reality! :)

    The graphic design is so cool. If I saw an ad like that now, I’d be applying ASAP.

  • tgmake

    Yup, wish that were reality! :)

    The graphic design is so cool–if I saw an ad like that now, I’d be applying ASAP.

  • Drewski Brewski

    It still is the reality in aerospace engineering…maybe not the recognition part… but I, and many of my colleagues, earn six figure incomes, after only about 5 or 6 years in the industry. And the facilities are great.

  • chrisbbehrens.myopenid.com

    Without delving into the “are programmers engineers” argument, this is pretty much the life of a senior programmer, except you don’t wear a suit. I’m wearing an Adidas shirt right now at work…six figure salary, interesting work, professional respect from others…

    I’ve got one son who is deeply into electronics and mech eng, and I tell him that being an engineer is a great way to have a good life and support a family. It’s work, of course – that’s why they call it work and not happy-fun-time, but it beats the living hell out of sorting mail or delivering pizzas, both of which I did when I was younger.

    I also played piano bar, which was probably more fun, but then I had kids :).