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Dave’s AMAZING Home Made Laminar Water Jet he made for under $300.00, made with hundreds of drinking straws! Thanks Simon!

  • Darren Landrum

    You can use the same idea to make a wind tunnel using laminar air flow. So if anyone out there fancies doing some wind tunnel tests on something…


    Why do people who make videos showing their awesome creations never actually show their awesome creations?

  • Daniel Morgan

    Man, I want an instructable for this. Or a kit.

  • volkemon

    @Daniel Morgan-

    I put ‘Laminar Water Jet’ in the search box… Now I want to build one! Thats EASY!!

  • BVglass

    Would love to build one. Any chance that Dave can provide more details? Parts list?

  • Superpants

    Found this forum with lots of useful information on how to build one: