Dave’s AMAZING Home Made Laminar Water Jet he made for under $300.00, made with hundreds of drinking straws! Thanks Simon!

  • Darren Landrum

    You can use the same idea to make a wind tunnel using laminar air flow. So if anyone out there fancies doing some wind tunnel tests on something…

  • http://david.rysdam.org/blog/

    Why do people who make videos showing their awesome creations never actually show their awesome creations?

  • Daniel Morgan

    Man, I want an instructable for this. Or a kit.

  • volkemon

    @Daniel Morgan-


    I put ‘Laminar Water Jet’ in the search box… Now I want to build one! Thats EASY!!

  • BVglass

    Would love to build one. Any chance that Dave can provide more details? Parts list?

  • Superpants

    Found this forum with lots of useful information on how to build one: