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Although he had fond memories of his View-Master toy, Tuttle of the Nashville, TN hackerspace, Hacker Consortium, was frustrated by it’s antiquated film-based media. Instead of just tossing the toy aside, he decided to use some cheap LCD keychain displays, and modified the device for modern, stereo vision. Looks fun!



  1. StefanJ says:

    I made a rig to take stereo photos:

    . . . . but I don’t have a viewing solution beyond “cross your eyes.”

    The idea of using cheap fob screens is genius. You can get them for under $9.00 each via Amazon.

    I hope they make a more detailed write-up.

  2. Rob Cruickshank says:

    Nice hack-I have some of those viewers bought for exactly that purpose, but I was too lazy to hook them up yet. People should be aware that it’s a serious downgrade in terms of resolution from the original film. Good Kodachrome Viewmaster reels in a Model D Viewmaster:
    look very good.