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I actually had to send some snail-mail recently and remembered the clever Google map envelope trick from Beste Miray Dogan that made the rounds awhile back. Turns out, a friendly bloke named Stephen has created a handy generator website that lets you input your return address and then automagically creates a printable cut-and-fold pattern.


Sean Michael Ragan

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  1. laycor says:

    Firstly – how are you supposed to stick it down? commercial envelopes are shaped and glues and have sticky substance on them to allow them to be sealed securely.

    The other thing is – when I receive an envelope, I normally cut across the top of it to open it – I never unglue the seal and open it carefully, in which case – I won’t see the address.

    Finally – why spend all that money on ink printing a colour map off – when you can just print the address off – you don’t need a map to it, and neither should the local postal service.

    If you need an address on it – put it in the letter.

  2. Bob says:

    I don’t think that this is intended as a standard send-for -everything kind of idea. But if you are sending party invitations or the like… it’s a cool idea.

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