The Brutstruder appears to be a powerful plastic extruder, which is the part of a 3d printer that pushes out hot plastic in a thin line. Actually, I’m not sure how strong this design is in comparison with the others, however I am digging the test method used to verify the design. [thanks, Marty!]


    Forgive me my ignorance but what is he actually testing here?

    • Stephen

      He seems to be testing the feed motor part of the printer’s extruder, have a look here The printers take a ~2mm diameter plastic rod as input and then heat it up and push it out through a ~0.5mm nozzel. I assume he is testing the force that the feed system will have avaiable to it to push the material through the extruder nozzle.

      • Matt Mets

        Oh, yeah, that is what he is testing. It’s useful to have a system that can put out a large amount of force without breaking, so you have some extra headroom when printing.


        Thank you!
        Not much info in the link you posted (yet) though :).