Apparently if you wrote to the BBC in the 1970s or early 1980s wanting to know how to build your own Dalek, they sent you this fantastic set of official plans, which are now preserved for posterity in the cloud-mind at Tom Rathborne’s site. [via Neatorama]


Sean Michael Ragan

Sean Michael Ragan

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    It was not sent out by the BBC, it was published as part of a Radio Times special magazine celebrating Dr Who. It had a listing of every storyline up till then and lots of great other stuff. I bought it at my local newsagent.

    the downside is that I don’t think the plans were very accurate. If you want to build one then the Workshop manual is a better bet. also http://www.dalekcity.co.uk/

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        my error, it was obviously used afterwards as you say. You can see from the front page it refers to the Terry Nation story that appeared earlier in the magazine.

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          No worries! =]

  • paulbo

    We spent a relaxing Saturday a few weeks ago putting together a remote control Dalek using stuff out of our recycling bin (and a “my little pony” radio controlled car).


    The kids loved it, but the head was a little too flimsy and didn’t survive them playing with it on the swings… (I don’t think they understood that ‘rovey’ was supposed to be out conquering the galaxy, not playing on swings).

  • Superpants

    I never had this article, but there was a book which gave dimensions and lots of good diagrams and pictures of variations of Dalek, K9, the TARDIS and other monsters which was a favourite of mine as an 8 year old;