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To celebrate their grand opening, the folks at the QC Co-Lab hackerspace in Davenport, Iowa decided to cast some bronze coins with their logo on them. They started by printing the design on a Makerbot, then used the plastic prints to form sand molds for the pour. Looks like fun! [via Makerbot]



  1. waldo says:

    It’s in Davenport, Iowa, guys. Iowa.

    1. Matt Mets says:

      Right, thanks.

  2. jarkman says:

    I tried a bit of lost-wax bronze casting using a Makerbot-printed part in ABS, with promising results. In a ‘this will be great when I learn how to do it properly’ kind of a way.

    Unlike sand casting, the process destroys the master, but it does allow parts to have undercuts and so on which would be impossible to sand-cast. The resolution should be better, too.

    Here’s a few pictures and process notes:

  3. MadRat says:

    Isn’t it easier to cast things in zinc, due to its lower melting temperature?

    1. netmagdave says:

      Nahh, 3d-printers let you print in incredible fidelity in plastic. See the Objet Alaris30 ( for an example.

    2. MadRat says:

      What I meant was isn’t it easier to use zinc instead of bronze?

      1. jarkman says:

        It would be easier to use zinc, and even easier to use pewter or one of the low-melt alloys sold for casting model soldiers. You can cast pewter and cooler alloys into silicone moulds, which give you great resolution.

        But bronze does make a much nicer thing.

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