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Very cool design from Thingiverse user msruggles, printed as shown above by user Linkreincarnate, who reports some reification issues with the model requiring hand finishing. Gonna keep an eye on this as it develops.


Sean Michael Ragan

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  1. theophrastus says:

    Did ‘we’ ever settle on a terminology for irises that overlap versus ones (like this one) where the blades are all in the same plane? (all i can think of is something lame like “niris” for Non-interleaved-iris)

    Has anyone ever figured out how to manage a non-interleaved iris with more then five blades/vanes? I suspect that five is a mechanical limit because from six onwards the likely pivot point moves inside the portal circle.

  2. Sean Michael Ragan says:

    The non-overlapping variety seems to be an anomaly. Since the leaves do not overlap, they do not completely block light and so are not very useful in optics. Consequently, the non-overlapping version seems to be basically a mechanical/sci-fi novelty–an unnecessarily complex way of opening a round door. Not that it isn’t super cool, of course; I’m just not sure it has any established practical application. I have a hard time believing that somebody, somewhere hasn’t already named it, if only for academic purposes, but so far no one has approached me with any evidence of a “proper” name. Which leaves me sort of stuck. I can’t really believe that no one in history has named the thing, yet, so I hesitate to propose a name of my own.

  3. I love interesting pieces like this one! It’s almost a puzzle.. and if you look at the design, it’s so creative! I can’t wait to see what new things they come out with. Hopefully some Antique Jewelry is in the works.


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