I really like this upcycled suitcase furniture; the trick of course is finding an awesome antique suitcase to start with! (Via Swiss Miss.)

  • Tydokia

    I just saw at the bottom of the page the following:
    Reproduction of these products in any manner or form will be considered copyright infringement
    Sooooo, no upcycling old luggage for us crafters?

  • cineloh

    I’m sure they mean making an exact replica and selling it for profit. I’m sure you can make your own anything.. I doubt they are the first person to upcycle a suitcase. (They’re cute though)..
    “The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources.”
    -Albert Einstein

  • Oldcrafty

    Seen this many times over the decades.
    Oldest version I ever saw was 20 years ago. I had a friend who had a picture of his grandparents first apt. They were so poor they not only made chairs almost identical to this out of thrown away suitcases, they made a love-seat out of an old steamer.