Thingiverse contributor theorbtwo found that a simple felt marker is all it takes to tint the output from a 3D printer, so they designed and fabricated a holder for those interested in giving it a try. If you do attempt this, be forewarned that some markers may clog nozzles, so verify compatibility prior to a print run. [via Thingverse]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • Robert

    Excellent. Just add red, green, blue (or better CMYK) markers with servos/stepper motors to apply varying amounts of pressure and you’ve got full colour prints.

    You’d have to do be calculating the colouring information ahead of yourself so the stock reaches the extruder at the right time, but I’m sure that’s doable.

  • noise_is_life

    Is there an example of the output someplace?