America’s landlord is visiting this week – Here’s another interesting blurb from the NYTimes, people are always asking what “we make now”… planes, 200 of them –

The White House announced shortly after the ceremony that the Chinese government had agreed to buy 200 airplanes from Boeing in a $19 billion deal, the centerpiece of $45 billion worth of American exports to China that are tied to President Hu Jintao’s state visit to Washington. China has also agreed to scrap a policy that favors Chinese technology firms for big government contracts, a senior administration official said.

Incredible, almost half of the USA’s exports to China are from one company, Boeing. We’re not just building a plane here, we’re building a dream…

  • Maker Dino


  • Dexter

    you don’t see what happens to the plane after EDS has left. The passengers are taking over and modify the plane so that it is able to land safely.

  • Marc

    I’m sure that the executive team at Boeing will pay themselves huge bonuses for this deal. Too bad their top sales guy, Obama, won’t even get a commission.

  • JaY

    I think we Have some, about 200 i think, F-22 Raptors we don’t need or Want and just killed the build contract! Give them a Deal because they are used but call it a Terrif.
    Peace J
    Thanks Phillip