Some crazy Swedish dudes have equipped their tricopter with 100-packs of fireworks and gone to hunt some hydrogen-filled balloons. As an added touch, they created a “defense sentry” that automatically launches rockets when it detects the tricopter. The rockets’ fuses are lit with match-heads ignited by a 12-ohm, 1/4W resistor with 12V going through it. [Via Adafruit]

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Alan Otte

    That is fantastic i would love one gun or not… is there a price or just a prototype?

  • Karl Jenson

    This is quite ingenious. There are so many cool inventions that people make and lots of them happen to be not as important as others. This one is just sheer fun. I think it is great that this is hooked onto a remote controll copter.