They’re every where, they’re cheap – they can be dangerously “fun”. Things to do with disposable cameras!

Booby-trapped Magic 8 Ball, turn it over and FLASH!

Here’s a simple, but powerful, coil gun made from the flash circuit of a disposable camera, a large cap, a coil of magnet wire and an ink pen shaft (and a few other parts).

pt 10774 Things To Do With Disposable Camera Flashes

pt 10775 Things To Do With Disposable Camera Flashes

Homemade Strobe Photography. Take high speed photos! Before you take apart a single-use camera, you need to know that there is a large electrolytic capacitor inside the camera. See the instructions in MAKE 04, pages 109 and 110, for how to disassemble the camera. Above, the set up and a balloon being popped!

Stunning camera! Chris at Pyroelectro made this highly detailed tutorial on how to modify a single use camera to shock its user when they try to take a picture. Dirty trick, so please be careful.

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