Way too pricey for me at €399, plus shipping from Germany, but there’s plenty of detail in the pics to inform a re-make: Cut out the door, reinforce it from inside with two guy-wires strung to four bolts in the corners, line the cut edges with rubber edge trim, and attach a hardware-store handle and latch. Oh yeah, and fit some plywood circles into the drum’s grooves for shelves. Might add a drum dolly, to mine, to make a cool rolling toolbox. [via Dude Craft]

Oil Drum Rocker

Sean Michael Ragan

Sean Michael Ragan

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    If you actually go to a place that makes drums directly, you can get a variety of modifications.

    This was for a different sort of project, but for $80 I bought a ‘double-ended’ drum with an extra rib and quite thick wall, ‘food-safe’ coating and sealing o-rings.

    It would seem to be a different method of making a storage area. Being able to remove the wall entirely by releasing the bottom clamp gets 360 degree access.

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