If you ever wanted to see a NES guitar in action, here’s your chance. The one-man band is called The Gizzards and he packs lots of circuit-bent goodness. [Via GetLoFi]

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_5Z5BV5N3JFMVYWZJHORXETX5WM Tressa Luppi

    i think it is an electronic Guitar , Guitar has not good look for style..

  • Anonymous

    wow i love this because i like sometime singing song with Guitar the way i think should be take it.and this is nice for me. thanks for this.i love so much that way thanks.


  • Anonymous

    yeah this is very good news for every crazy for this.i think we should be buy this and i couldn’t take it but its’ ok now a day i was doing the good.


    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    This is pretty cool, but what a bunch of massive tools.

  • http://twitter.com/Webcam_lessons Radoslav Zdravkovic

    This is perfect guitar for me! I’m fan of both, guitar and NES! :))))

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