Wine Cork Stamping

As I mentioned last week, wine cork crafts are constantly requested from the Handmade Detroit gang. As I was thinking of making spring cards the other day a recent craft fair, I turned to the giant bowl of wine corks we have as inspiration.

Using synthetic corks (real corks didn’t work so well for me), pre-made blank cards and a pigment pad, ink the bottom end of one cork so that it is completely covered. When applying the stamp, press firmly on the cork – this look is meant to be a bit rustic, but you want to make sure you get even coverage. Let your card dry completely before folding or putting in an envelope.
Keeping with the polka dot theme, I used a pencil with almost-new erasers at the end for smaller dots. A small amount of pigment is required for the eraser and shows up well on the paper.
What kind of other projects can you think of for wine corks?

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