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  1. Ed Reed says:

    Thanks for wasting my time MAKE!  You could have explained what the link was.   I didn’t come to this site to see weak comedy attempts and wouldn’t have wasted my time if you had given any info on what this was.

    1. Anonymous says:

      wow don’t get all angry, smile form time to time else life’s not really worth it.

      anyway funny video, already saw it but it is funny still.

    2.  I would think the picture with the red “Terminator-vision” script, the wireframe pentagon blueprint in the upper right hand corner, the words “NUCLEAR MENU” and the models of various missiles, bombs, and implements of destruction might count as less-than-subtle hints that a joke was in the offing. 

  2. Ed Reed says:

    Especially the “I’m being 100% serious right now.” statement, NOT!

    1. I think your tongue-in-cheek detector may need recalibrating, Ed. 

      1. Ed Reed says:

        Maybe so Sean.  I was just caught off guard, this site being about making things,but why did you put the “I’m being 100% serious right now.”?  So more people would get fooled and click on your link?  Yes, my sense of humor is pretty weak right now after just having clicked on 2 CNN articles with deceptive headlines.  All about the lulz i guess.

  3. Doug Johnson says:

    Actually, Ed, I kind of liked it.  But I suppose it should be marked as entertainment. 

  4. Tyr Grisfal says:

    The licensing terms on the Kinect SDK are really damn annoying.

    Cute video though.

  5. Rory Box says:

    I like the bit where microsoft owns all the pictures of you dancing in your underwear.

  6. Psst, pass it on:  the kinect is just a glorified motion detector!

  7. Robot Platform says:

    Good entertainment video…

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  9. Anonymous says:

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