I’ll admit it: I’m a confirmed hooker. I have an embarrassing number crochet projects running amok in my apartment, and a yarn stash that is threatening to break free from its box at any moment. So, of course, I was absolutely delighted to see this tutorial for Granny Square Cookies from Sugar & Meringue. There’s just something so right about crocheted goodness in cookie form!

Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

  • Bev Q

    These are just the most lovely cookies I ever saw!! I am a crocheter, even have a website filled with free patterns, and I love to make granny squares!! I will have to share this link with my groups. :)
    Love ’em!
    Bev of

  • Barbara Lazistan

    How original!!! LOVE IT!!! Thank you for being so imaginative AND for sharing!!

  • shanell papp

    I LOVE this. I usually avoid any baking that seems needlessly fussy…but for this I make an exception.

  • Emily – Sugar and Meringue

    Wow! It’s so exciting to see my cookies on Craft! Thank you!!

  • jeri jackson

    I just saw this on my Facebook page…I tryed everything to post it to my e-mail page so I could print it and the directions out…I have nevr seen anything like your cookie decorations..Just fabulous…could I get them sent to my e-mail address so I can print them out…?
    thank you sooooo much, Jeri

  • Di S

    There’s a highlighted link to Granny Square Cookies beneath the picture at the top of this page

  • Rose Ortega

    Lovely cookies. Would love to make some!

  • Micah

    Love them! I’m definitely going to try this sometime!