Are you shooting a music video, indie action film, or reality TV pilot and need some front seat interior footage and are wondering how you’re going to mount that 5D Mark II you borrowed from your day job? Grab some scrap wood, a few carriage bolts, and your favorite ballhead and follow Boris Georgiev’s quick and dirty tutorial on assembling your very own DIY car seat camera mount for a solid shot. [via DIYP]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • Anonymous

    This is really amazing camera and it will mount in car seat its unbelievable, its features are really great, the concept of these camera is very nice, i think it is very useful for car driver.
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  • Jubilee Tan

     in taiwan have a popular product we call it “Driving Recorder”.
    it’s can record in full HD video and voice.
    small size like a GPS.
    it’s usefull when crash accident occurred.

  • Anonymous

    I especially like the careful attention paid to fit and finish.

  • Timothy Gray

    Nice but highly unsafe in an accident. In a side impact you get that mount impaled into your head.

  • M. “Shadyman” Lange

    Nice, this is certainly a less expensive take on the previously-featured car seat camera mount. +1 for ingenuity, though I can’t say that I would prefer a piece of wood like that sitting at my neck :x

  • AMalePoet

    I guess my S-VHS camera video is around here some where, haven’t seen it in years (1991). My community college had loaned me the tripod and camera for a video project when I set up for the drive home. Seems I just pulled out and adjusted the standard full sized tripod and belted it into the passenger side seat belt (lap and shoulder type). Memory serves that I extended the front tripod legs to the floor to aid in stability and opened the tripod. I then mounted the camera into the tripod’s camera mount. I might have used the center belt but the idea works just as well. Granted I was driving a 77 Nova but modern cars still have seat belts right? The audio will be terrible as I played Pink Floyd the Wall over the car stereo and was picked up by camera mic.

  • John Smits

    Just a bit unsafe… for someone in the backseat ;-)

  • Bahamas Photographer

    Not a bad idea if you’re in a pinch. lol do not slam the brakes if someone’s in the back seat.