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Plywood might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you’re designing a cargo bike, but for Michael Downes and Jeff Sayler it led to a uniquely elegant custom ride. Downes, an industrial designer, conceived the wooden Bakfiets-style cargo bike as an entry to the Oregon Manifest Design Challenge and enlisted his neighbor, Sayler, a master shipwright, as the other half of the duo know as Art & Industry. Together they designed and built the 51 pound hauler using CNC-cut plywood glued together with a custom epoxy resin. Additional refinements such as bamboo veneer, storage compartments, hatches, and a cargo bin are to be seen on the final version. [via BikePortland]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  1. Very nicely done, but that rear fork looks like it would shatter if anyone weighing more than 150 lbs sat on it …and I’m a little worried about the metal bar holding the seat up.

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