Using a cheap-o desk lamp from IKEA and a custom Makerbot-printed bracket, Illinois maker Chris Krueger built a desktop arm stand for his webcam. Stands like this are great for getting in close to the action without having to deal with a tripod getting in your way.

The jig works great attached to a chair or table near my Makerbot for recording prints. Because of it’s range of motion I’m also planning on using it to record a stop motion introduction for my DIY videos. It can be pointed straight down and locks into place using the set screws in the joints of the arm. Once it’s screwed in tight it stays locked down really well. One of the big advantages to using a lamp with a clamp as opposed to a heavy base is that you’re able to clamp it to an unobtrusive part of your work area without disrupting anything.

[Thanks, Chris!]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • Andrew

    This is great. I’d be interested in trying this with my microphone. I’m not sure it would support the weight but traditional microphone mounts like this can be pretty expensive.

    • Ryan Parker

      It actually works really well for the microphone. I used the same lamp to do it. I am using an atr2100 in the holder but have used other “heavier” mics as well

      • Ryan Parker

        I even used the ball head from an old gorilla flexible tripod to give it more range of motion.

  • Oscar Gonzalez

    This is very ingenious. I have one of these round here somewhere, might have a quick project soon.