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One crisp Autumn afternoon, I had the privilege of joining MAKE General Manager Dale Dougherty as he used his wooden apple press to make cider from the apples that grow on his property. Dale has been making cider for over 20 years, and since this was only my second time making it, he was kind enough to share his technique with me as we worked together.

You can find the rest of the images as well as the instructions for making your own cider  at Make Projects: Making Apple Cider



  1. Thanks for posting this!  I’ve actually been thinking about building an apple press.

  2. “Cider” is actually already the technical term for “Hard Cider”. Cider = Alcohol. Otherwise it’s just apple juice.

    1. Nick Raymond says:

      That is interesting, I was under the impression that juice process included further filtering and was pasteurized (industrial scale at least).,
      But I am sure you can find plenty of sources for the counter argument.