Rex from Houston’s TX/RX Labs wrote in with a fun project:

Leftist art doesn’t sit well in a corporate law firm. So when one of our members decided to spruce up his office with something handmade, subversive and beautiful, he faced a dilemma: Sell out or get fired.

Luckily, compromise carried the day: Using the Lab’s CNC plasma torch, the member cut plate steel silhouettes of five notable – and revolutionary – attorneys: Cicero, Abraham Lincoln, Mohandas Gandhi, Franz Kafka and Nelson Mandela.

The final product, when finished, will consist of a diffused light box to display the likeness of one of the lawyers, as well as a storage rack (pictured below) to hold the four pieces not on display. The box will be designed so that the pieces can be swapped out depending on the viewer’s particular inspirational needs.

[Thanks, Rex!]

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • qwerty123

    Great concept.  Crazy “leftist” Lincoln, that rabid Republican he was….

  • Elliot Murphy

    Great idea. Lincoln is an interesting choice though, not as nice as history paints him; unfortunately he was still essentially a white supremacist, despite opposing slavery.

    • Rex G. Baker IV

      Elliot and Qwerty – Thanks for the thoughtful comments. I agree that Lincoln is somewhat problematic as a progressive figure, but the image I found of him was just too sweet to pass up. The other lawyer on the short list was Clarence Darrow (of Scopes trial fame), but (a) he was primarily famous for his work as a lawyer, rather than a political/ideological figure, and (b) he’s not as immediately recognizable as the others.

  • d kli

    Does this guy lie awake nights fantasizing about being oppressed?  I seriously doubt anyone gives a crap who that is on the shelf.

  • Jim Richardson

    how is this subversive? 
    Unless he means it’s un-pc to have a pic of a Republican ?