Here’s something every aspiring superhero need, a wrist-mounted crossbow with a laser sight. Built in ten days from scratch by maker and laser enthusiast Patrick Priebe, the compact armament thrusts hand-made carbon fiber bolts with pinpoint accuracy. [via Geeky-Gadgets]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • Zeno Alistair Le Hericy

    That CANT be legal!!! But nonetheless, it’s AMAZING!

  • Rahere

    My laser wrist rocket still outshoots you in range, speed and load weight, sorry. Mind you, you have a stiletto and I fire ball, but that’s about it

  • jodari jacob

    Can you give me the instructions and materials needed for this I really want to make one

  • simeon kulp

    hey man i luv tinkering with new things do u think u could send me the info on how to make the wrist bow it would b mucho appreciated