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Washington-based artist Tyree Callahan modded this 1937 Underwood Standard typewriter to paint oil on paper with each key corresponding to a different hue. He calls in The Chromatic Typewriter and it’s currently competing in the 2012 West Prize competition. [via Colossal]


Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson is a Brooklyn-based creative technologist, Contributing Editor at MAKE, and Resident Research Fellow at New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP). He’s the co-author of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and the author of Getting Started with BeagleBone.



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  2. Insanely fabulous. I have an old typewriter that I would love to see transformed into a chromatic…..or maybe my brilliant son Alex can make an ap for this.

  3. Eddy says:

    That is really cool, need to get me one of those! Seriously, I already normally type up a storm. Should turn my typing into art. Divorce Attorney Miami

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