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Going back through my Weekend Projects notes, I realized I never got around to properly thanking Mike and his daughter Jessica who brought their patriotic tri-color mod of the Floating Glow Display to World Maker Faire in September. Some simple mods really do go a long way – with all those LEDs it was even possible to see Mike and Jessica’s mod in the daylight (see picture below). Using a Dremel Trio to etch a spare piece of polycarbonate they had laying around, Mike writes:

Wired up 3 LEDs to a 9V battery, with some resistors in the loop to keep from blowing it out (tested the circuit on a breadboard first). Not the neatest wiring job, but some heat shrink tubing hides some of my sloppy soldering. A bit of Shapelock for a stand and we’re done.

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Nick Normal

Nick Normal

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