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Even if you don’t fancy the idea of a fork, knife, spoon, spork, spife, knork or other eating utensil with an acrylic screwdriver handle, I was interested to learn, in this Instructable by user Patenteux du Nord, that these common tool handles can be easily removed and (at least to some extent) interchanged by first softening the plastic with heat.

Sean Michael Ragan

I am descended from 5,000 generations of tool-using primates. Also, I went to college and stuff. I write for MAKE, serve as Technical Editor for MAKE magazine, and develop original DIY content for Make: Projects.



  1. If you don’t have extra handles, I bet you could just as easily do this by casting the silver ware into a mold made from real screwdriver handles. It’s really easy to buy the acrylic for that.

  2. qwerty123 says:

    Do like.¬† Starred in reader and saved to IE fave folder “Must Do Project In Future”

  3. Roy Nesbitt says:

    Kinda quirky for the dinner table but they also has a very valuable use for those with physical handicaps that don’t allow them to grasp the usual cutlery.

  4. I just want to say that the mini-window with all the steps in it is great. ¬†First I’ve noticed on Make.

  5. My mother had severe arthritis, and these would have been amazingly useful for her. Come to think of it, I’ve got a friend who could use a set of these…. (heads to workshop)