As you may already know, David Lang, our Zero to Maker columnist, is involved in the OpenROV project, an open source camera-equipped R/C submersible, designed to look for water-buried treasure. They’re taking the ROV prototypes up to Hall City Cave in Northern, CA tomorrow for some preliminary dives. How exciting!

Eric and I and a few others are up near the Trinity Alps, planning to go to the Hall City Cave tomorrow with a couple OpenROV prototypes. As you can see from the photo, we’ve hacked a GoPro 3D camera onto the OpenROV.

Biggest challenge now is the weather.

More to come soon!


Search for buried treasure with your very own OpenROV (Remotely Operated Vehicle)

David Lang

David Lang

Co-Founder of OpenROV, a community of DIY ocean explorers and makers of low-cost underwater robots. Author of Zero to Maker. And on Twitter!