Relays can do cool stuff when you hook them up to the Internet. Check out XDA member JsChiSurf demonstrate his Android controlled garage door opener. Using an old Linux box connected to a serial relay, he’s able to toggle his garage door opener using a custom app from his Android handset. [via androidcommunity]

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • secretmanofagent

    Interesting that the iOS maps icon is being used.

  • Loth

    Why not voice activation? “Open Sesame!”

  • Geoge B.

    I did the same thing, but used a procmail recipe to parse for a code via a SMS/email, also ssh a macro. That way I can give out a particular code to a contractor or workmen, it makes it easy to disable it later and track it’s use. The google maps is a brilliant idea.