Instructables member mikeasaurus wrote in with his Airsoft Soldering Gun project, which adds the guts of a cordless soldering iron to an airsoft pistol, with the battery held in the clip!

A soldering gun is a pistol-shaped soldering tool, named for their rough appearance to a firearm.
Why settle for an approximation when you can have a real soldering gun?! Bring this little baby to bear on your next PCB. Point, pull, and let the heater rip.

It’s not so far fetched: A steady hand, a careful aim, an unsafe quantities of lead…soldering and firing a gun have an awful lot in common. Making your own is easy, all you need is an air pistol and a hand-held, battery powered soldering iron and you can make your own soldering gun.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • StripeyType


    Nomenclature matters. See here:

    • David

      I’m confused, what is you objection to the nomenclature here? The video say magazine, the battery is fitted inside what was the pistol magazine. At least, according to the link you provided, its a magazine, I’m not a expert.

      • Jeremy Parisi

        Magazine not clip is the gun nerd’s version of ATM machine or PIN number.

    • Mike Linnell

      Seems like the author of that take-a-peek went off on a word trip. Magazine is a misnomer or slang term when applied to hand guns they are all clips actually. Historically a magazine is storage area made to protect ammunition supplies for field artillery or in the case of a ship a compartment to store naval munitions. Magazine became a term to describe the storage clip beneath a rifle or pistol as being analogous to naval munitions storage which was usually located below the guns and below the water line. So essentially they are all clips and the word snobs got it wrong sorry ….

  • David

    That is a very cool idea, nicely implemented. But, does it cool down equally quickly? Or is all that fancy finger work at the end only once its been turned off for a while? Otherwise, he can look forward to scorched jeans and burned thighs.