A while back, I wrote an Intern’s Corner post entitled My Open Source Life Outside of MAKE, in which I talked about my experience working on Alien Arena, the open source first-person shooter. Well, for those who might be interested, I’m proud to announce that version 7.60, codenamed “Reloaded Edition,” has recently been released. It’s a free, open source, and extremely fun video game that runs on Windows and Linux. Download it here.

Some of the new features for this release include:

  • Many new rendering features
  • Twelve new/rebuilt levels
  • Two new player characters, the Overlord and Warrior
  • Brand new “super” weapon, the Minderaser
  • Improved antilag code
  • “Simple” items rendering option
  • Improved and expanded movement
  • Improved Bot AI, particulary with CTF
  • New music, and music “shifts” in game situations
  • Variety of bug fixes and code cleansing

A full changelog can be found here: http://red.planetarena.org/aachangelogs/7.60.txt

Max Eliaser

Max Eliaser

Max Eliaser is a student at Oregon State University. His hobbies include programming and scuba diving.

  • Tony

    How do you prevent cheating in an open source competitive game? Wouldn’t players just change the source code to allow them to have an advantage over others?

    • Max Eliaser

      First of all, we’ve got a robust client-server model which prevents entire categories of cheats from being possible. Second of all, the other types of cheats (aimbots etc.) are impossible to prevent even with closed source. I know of just one verified instance of cheating in the last two years or so. I don’t think you can point to a single closed-source game with a track record that good.

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