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We’ve seen quite a few back yard roller coasters in the past, but this PVC coaster, with it’s 12-foot drop, is over the top. If you can identify the builders, let us know in the comments. [Thanks, David!]

Adam Flaherty

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  1. Marcel says:

    No. Way.

    That’s got to be CG! ;)

  2. Clifford Paul says:

    This coaster looks great and is nothing in terms of pure mortal danger; in Chelyabinsk, Russia our family beheld a dollar (please read 28 rubles) carnival of DIY created “Big Wheels” for the children to participate in a what might be envisioned as a Roman arena chariot race. No horses for these chariots, but these tricycles were complete with unpadded seats repurposed from old 1940′s tractors, adorned with jagged metal shards and welded joints, guaranteed to fail rusted through frames, and bike wheels from old Soviet-era bicycles.

    Parental terror could not be derived from these vehicles, nor seeming disinterest in the eat-or-be-eaten manner by which most of the unsupervised tots were colliding, nor the seeming lack of triage for the hapless participants. No, the terror was not with the rides, riders or audience – it was the man arc welding 20-foot I-beams with the electrodes and power source just inches from the Russian Circus Maximus.

    Given a choice between a cleanly designed PVC track or dismemberment/ electrocution in a Russian playground I know what every parent would choose.

  3. Dave says:

    Daddy Of The Year! ‘Nuff said…

  4. Miguel says:

    They are apparently from Lancaster, Ohio according to Yahoo News,

  5. Hey y’all ho mah beer and watchiss!

  6. Charles says:

    Bare trees, overcast sky, shaky hand-held camera, crunchy footsteps, heavy breathing, I think it’s the Blair Witch Roller Coaster

  7. j says:

    All the links to other coasters are dead 8(

  8. Poet says:

    Jay or “J” After the video played I went to comment and a Fox news page showed up. I got here due to this being sent to my email. In case the links can be worked the way I got them.

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