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  • MaryAnn

    I thought I knew math. I thought I knew perspective and doodling.
    But this girl blows me out of the water! Delightful and ‘woe to the boring math teacher!’
    Awesome video/brain! Impressssive!

  • Vern

    I heart Vi Hart. :)

  • Ken Norris

    Vi should be teaching the class. She gives non-mathematicians a hint of why we love math.

  • GeekDadof4

    I seem to be the only one that thought this was some sort of Editor Plugin. Apparently Vi is short for ‘Violet’ or something, as opposed to a shorting of “Visual”. that said, good to see someone with an interest in Mathematics these days!

  • Jerry Carter

    I think my optic nerve just melted.

  • Aljo

    I just learn so much, so fast, but then it all dribbled out of my ears again! I have to watch again.

  • John

    While I love Vi’s work, she was particularly ranty in this one…

  • Eric

    I love these videos. Wish she would talk just a bit slower. I’m getting too old to follow the speech. Still follow the math though. Keep it up Vi!

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