Erin “RobotGrrl” Kennedy of Montreal, QC, is selling RoboBrrd kits via an Indiegogo campaign.

RoboBrrd is a robotic bird character that has an entertaining personality! When you build a RoboBrrd, you get hands-on experience of mechanical and electrical engineering, programming, and add a dash of your own creativity.

The ultimate dream for RoboBrrd is to get more people interested in science and engineering. RoboBrrd provides a way to learn about science and engineering in a creative way. What happens afterwards is magical, by being creative in technical fields, new inventions will appear, there will be better solutions to problems, and even more.

$114 gets you the laser-cut body of the bird (er, brrd) as well as motors, LEDs, and sensors, as well the “brain” PCB custom-designed by RobotGrrl.

She’s done a lot of fun stuff to build off this idea, including a NFC (near-field communications) chip she built into a top hat (neither included with the kit). Check it out!