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MAKE contributor and Makeys stylist Diana Eng recently schooled me on the lost-wax fabrication process, which she’s been using to craft her new Farfalle jewelry line (yes, named after, and shaped like, the pasta).

Diana partnered with a family-run manufacturing facility in NYC, where the pieces were created.  The process involves pouring molten hot brass into a plaster mold.

A wax prototype gets inspected. The plaster mold will be formed around these wax models.

Says Diana, “the lost-wax process… means that each piece still receives a lot of individual attention. Every Farfalle will be a little different and have its own character.”

Diana tests out different finishes in her studio

For an inside look at the done-by-hand manufacturing process, check out Diana’s blog.

Gillian BenAry

When I’m not at MAKE, I’m cutting, sewing, folding, mailing, drawing, dancing, or loitering at the local library.

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