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Today is Toolsday here at MAKE, so you know what that means – a live Google+ hangout where we will be discussing our favorite tools and workspace essentials. Tune in at 2pm PST/5pm EST on the +MAKE page, or if you’re busy you can catch it later on the MAKE YouTube page.

The main topic of the hangout will be the 3D Printing “toolchain” – the software tools required to get from a 3D file to a completed object. If you recently purchased a 3D Printer from the Maker Shed and are waiting for it to arrive, or plan on receiving one for Christmas, this will be a great way for you to prepare for your first print. This will also be a good precursor to my Engineer’s Choice Hangout on this Thursday, which will focus on free 3D CAD and CAM software. Join in the discussion by leaving your questions, comments, and opinions on MAKE’s G+ page.

Eric Weinhoffer

Eric is a Product Development Engineer at MAKE. He creates kits and sources products for sale in the Maker Shed, focusing primarily on manufacturing. Occasionally he writes about cool things for the blog and magazine.


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