Valentine's day fort

Justina Blakeney kills it on the style front in every way and her Valentine’s Day fort on Design Sponge is no exception. It is so dreamy and lovely and romantic I would keep it up all year round.

Meg Allan Cole

Meg Allan Cole

DIY guru

  • Lara

    I fear it’s awfully close to that fire…

  • Alissa Mower Clough

    Um. I don’t think having so much drapery near an open fire is such a good idea….Otherwise…love pavilion? Wow!

  • Patrice

    I was thinking the exact thing as above— TOO Too close to fire. Was firefighter for 12 years and did fire safety education – do not assume that people know not to put fabric near open flame, especially for kids!

  • Meg Allan Cole

    Yes, fire safety first and foremost! I do not have a fire place and just think the fort is so pretty and dreamy, despite the risky placement:)