Hong Kong builder Chiu-Kueng Tsang built this recreation of an Apple ][+, even detailing the internals! I think that daughter card over there gives it upper and lower case! Also see his Brickshelf page.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • http://twitter.com/cyclelicious Richard Masoner (@cyclelicious)

    Apple was notorious in going after companies and users who cloned their machines. How long before Apple files suit against Chiu-Kueng Tsang for copying their look and feel?

    • Michael Black

      Huh? Apple went after some,but the whole clone thing began with the Apple Ii. Every board, case, and peripheral was available in generic form. Boards could be had assembled, or blank, and the needed parts available. These were outright copies, right down to the ROMs.

      There were endless tiny store in Montreal and Toronto and I assume elsewhere that sold the boards and the parts and nothing else. You could see the same thing in ads in Byte.

      It was big, boosting Apple’s user base.

      Then a few years later, this whole network was the basis of the “IBM PC” clone network, the same thing but for the IBM. It started even faster since the infrastructure already existed.

      And then things changed again and nobody wanted to solder parts to boards and be tiny stores closed down, the market going elsewhere.