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If you’re attending World Maker Faire in New York next month, be sure to see the progress Chuck Fletcher has made on his InMoov robot, an open source humanoid robot that anyone can print and motorize.

Inmoov5635I will be brining a fully articulated and animated 3D printed humanoid animatronic robot. The build is based on the open source InMoov project by Gael Langevin. This is an amazing project with hundreds of parts and a growing community of makers adding freatures like eye tracking, hand and finger control using the Kinect and LeapMotion devices. The build is underway, and will be complete in time for World Maker Faire. I believe there have been InMoov bots partially assembled at other Maker Faires, but this robot will be a complete upper body build.

See Gael’s Thingiverse page for part downloads as well as other peoples’ spinoffs and derivatives.

BionicoView9_preview_featuredOne of the intriguing aspects of this project are the possibilities of using the robotic hands and feet as prostheses. Finally, you can learn more about the InMoov project in Make: Projects.

John Baichtal

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  1. Sherry Huss says:

    A tweet from Chuck Fletcher — he feels the same pressure as the Maker Faire team getting ready for The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth! Looking forward to seeing your robot Chuck!

    Pressure is on: 33 days to MakerFaire NY and just got my in-progress project featured on the MakeBlog. … #makerfaireNY

  2. Griffin says:

    So yeah, SkyNet is fully active in 3…2… Honestly, that’s incredible.

  3. Alan Dove says:

    Looks like a mime, sounds like a swarm of angry hornets, and appears to be learning T’ai Chi. No, not scary at all.

    Seriously, though, awesome project.

  4. WOW, it look so real life. If I will be in N.Y.
    Can I hug it?

  5. Cool, project and I can not wait to see the progress made on it at New York.