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Pinhole cameras have been a staple of makers and DIYers for generations, usually made out of wood, plastic, or metal. Over on Thingiverse, schlem has created a pinhole camera with a 3D printer. This one’s special though: it uses 4×5″ film, a very large size vastly superior in image quality than 35mm film stock, and an excellent method of creating truly artistic photographic prints.

The camera itself is designed around a 4×5″ film holder, basically a do it yourself cassette for this large format film. Since this is a pinhole camera that sees very long exposures, schlem simply removes the dark slide on the film holder to expose the film. After a few seconds, the dark slide is re-inserted into the film holder, completing one exposure of this fantastic pinhole camera.

Just about everything on this camera is 3D printed, save for a few bolts holding everything together. While schlem doesn’t quite have the process down to develop his film, the resulting pictures should be phenomenal, given the technique and the truly impressive film format.

  • adamrobertyoung

    Very cool.

  • HiIMakeStuff

    Very nice! I’m still just exploring 3D printing. We’ve got an Ultimaker in the house, and a QuBd arriving sometime in the next week. What printer are you using?

  • theschlemschlem