At CES, I was able to take a video of the CubeJet, a flexible, full color printer. So far, the other full color 3D printing options are the Mcor Iris and the ZPrinter.  The Mcor Iris (which we first saw at Inside 3D Printing expo in NY) prints on paper, cuts it out, and glues it together. The ZPrinters from 3D Systems use ink on a proprietary powder to glue together a shape. We see this a lot from awesome creations on Shapeways, where it’s known as the ‘sandstone’ material.

Here’s a video up of how the part can flex and what it looks like up close. In the background you can see the CubeJet printing this flexible full color material.


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  • Mojo

    May i know this 3d printer price?

  • BigMike

    This article is incorrect. It is showing parts made by, and pictures of, the Projet 4500. The cubejet has not yet been released.

    The projet costs between 60 and 80k

  • Jurie Dreyer

    We no longer have to wait for an unresponsive 3DSystems.
    Let me know how I can get this printer in South Africa cheap as possible. Enjoy the weekend