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Mirobot—a WiFi robotics kit at Maker Faire UK

The little robot that could...

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This post is coming to you live from Maker Faire UK being held this weekend at the Life Science Centre here in Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

One of my abiding memories of what would eventually be called Computer Science when I was at school — although it wasn’t called that at the time as Computer Science hadn’t been invented back then, at least not for kids — was programming the Valiant Turtle robot to draw pictures on huge sheets of newsprint using the Logo programming language.

The Mirobot, the brain child of Ben Pirt — the ex-CTO of Xively (née Cosm) — brings those memories flooding back. It’s an Arduino based Wi-Fi robot kit designed to help children learn about technology and programming.

I talked to Ben about the Mirobot, what it can do, and why he’s building it.

There are full instructions on how to build the little robot, including instructions how to fabricate the chassis and other parts if you want to build your own entirely from scratch.

The Mirobot Kickstarter project has already reached its funding goal, but if you’re interesting in picking up a Mirobot of your own, it still has 27 days to run so you can still back this little robot on Kickstarter.

Alasdair Allan

Alasdair Allan is a scientist, author, hacker, tinkerer and co-founder of a startup working on fixing the Internet of Things. He spends much of his time probing current trends in an attempt to determine which technologies are going to define our future.

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