MTS Air Rocket Park

We remember the first time we put a rocket on the launch pad.



Compressed Air Rocket is available as a PDF.

We remember the first time we put a rocket on the launch pad.
Hours of build time, well saved money for rocket motors, then that moment of truth when the launch button was pushed — was it a high flier or a dud?  In those seconds of aerial bliss when the rocket did shoot up into the air, we knew that the preparations were all worthwhile. – Excerpted from MTS Ultimate Air Rockets

Inspired by Rick Schertle’s Compressed Air Rocket project that appeared in MAKE Volume 15, Matthew Sommerfield of MTS Ventures created a simplified human-powered bicycle-pump rocket launcher. MTS’s version of the air rocket does not use batteries, utilizes upcycled propane canisters, and extends the distance between the rocket launcher and the person launching it. See the MTS Ultimate Air Rockets page for more information or listen to Matthew explain it below.

LehighValley_MMFRocket park was a big hit at Lehigh Valley Mini Maker Faire. Have you built or modified the Compressed Air Rocket? Tell us about it!

Anna Kaziunas France

Anna Kaziunas France

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  • Kurt Roedeger

    This was my 5yr-old’s favorite part of the day. he’s been flying the rocket around our house since.

    • Anna Kaziunas France

      Awesome! Are you going to build your own air rocket launcher?

  • AdamTolley

    What the crap is this? The source link goes to a page with no instructions, BoM, or anything. Just a contact form.

    #$*& that.