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A MakerCon attendee checks out an interactive toy display.

A MakerCon attendee checks out an interactive toy display.

“The Impact of the Maker Movement,” a roundtable discussion led by Dale Dougherty, CEO of Maker Media, and Duleesha Kulasooriya, of Deloitte’s Center for the Edge, was one of five concurrent sessions that launched on Tuesday morning, the first day of MakerCon, a two-day conference and workshop for leaders of the Maker movement that’s being held at Oracle Convention Center in Redwood, California.

The conference has attracted experts in digital manufacturing: from technology and tools providers, to accelerators that facilitate taking prototypes to market.

Featured topics include the Internet of Things, tools of innovation, the business of making, and sustaining maker communities.

The crowd gathers at MakerCon

The crowd gathers at MakerCon.

Speakers include Mark Hatch, from TechShop, Scott Miller, from the hardware accelerator Dragon Innovation,  Alice Taylor, from the British dollmakers MakieLab, and Carl Bass, president and chief executive officer of Autodesk.

MakerCon will continue Tuesday and Wednesday. Later in the week, many of the attendees will be ending their “Maker Week” at Maker Faire, in nearby San Mateo.

DC Denison

DC Denison

DC Denison is the editor of The Maker Pro Newsletter, which covers the intersection of makers and business. That means hardware startups, new products, and market trends.

The former technology editor of The Boston Globe, DC is also interested in content management systems.

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