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Give your experimental project a ride on this sub-orbital spacecraft.

Space is not just the final frontier. It’s the citizen-science frontier. And it’s getting easier to participate.

Edward Wright, the founder and president of the United States Rocket Academy, and project manager of Citizens in Space, came to MakerCon to announce the new Lynx Cub Payload Carrier, which will enable more citizen scientists to send small experiments into space.

Citizens in Space has purchased ten sub-orbital flights on the XCORE Lynx spacecraft, and will be making them available for citizen space projects.

The core of the program is the Lynx Cub Payload Carrier, which can house up to 15 experiments at a time. It can carry experiments in areas like materials processing, fluid mechanics, and life sciences.

Citizens in Space has already heard from high school students and medical school professors. They are hoping to hear from you. The call for experiments is still open at Citizens in Space.

DC Denison

DC Denison

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